My services



My services

Here are the obligations on which I give advice and the services provided, listed as an example and not exhaustively:

1. ongoing consultancy or on-demand consultancy for specific projects and personal data processing operations

2. analysis of processing activities carried out and of business activity of the client in order to determine what obligations need to be fulfilled

3. opinions on the interpretation of provisions

4. practical and operational suggestions about how to carry out processing operations

5. risk assessment and application of the principle of data protection by design and by default (art. 25, GDPR) and principles relating to processing of personal data (art. 5, GDPR)

6. information to be provided pursuant to arts. 13-14, GDPR; legal bases for the processing of personal data (art. 6, GDPR) and documentation of the criteria used to determine them

7. privacy policy, cookies policy and terms and conditions for the use of websites (including provisions for e-commerce set out in the Consumer Code)

8. contracts with providers, clients, donors; employees and professionals, as regards the GDPR

9. service agreements for the appointment of processors (and sub-processors) ex art. 28, GDPR

10. agreements in case of joint controllers

11. procedures and processes to be applied and which demonstrate in writing the compliance with the GDPR (internal policies)

12. appointment of the persons authorised to data processing

13. appointment of the Data Protection Officer ex per arts. 37-39, GDPR (internal or external)

14. Records of processing activities (art. 30, GDPR)

15. data protection impact assessment ex per art. 35, GDPR and prior consultation (art. 36, GDPR)

16. transfers of personal data to third countries or international organisations

17. management of personal data breach (arts. 33-34, GDPR); records of data breaches, notification to the supervisory authority and communication to data subjects

18. security procedures (art. 32, GDPR)

19. procedures to reply to data subjects exercising their rights pursuant to arts. 15-22, GDPR

20. service as external Data Protection Officer

21. service as contact point with the supervisory authority in case of request of documentation or inspections and controls

22. consultancy for the preparation of or adherence to codes of conduct (art. 40, GDPR) and mechanisms of certification (art. 42, GDPR)

23. application of provisions governing telemarketing activities (e.g.: so-called «Registro Pubblico delle Opposizioni»)

24. e-Privacy

25. application of provisions governing video-surveillance

26. application of provisions governing biometrics and genetic data processing

27. data processing relating to children

28. shooting and dissemination of images and testimonies

29. … and much more …


If the service needed is not on the list, contact me for information.

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