Website terms & conditions

Release no. 01 – 01st January 2021

Ownership of the website and its contents

a) Minella Tiziana is the owner of the website which is managed and kept up-to-date directly.

b) The documentation, the images, the characters, the artistic work, the graphics, the software and the other contents of the site, and all the codes and forms on-line to implement the website are property of Minella Tiziana or Minella Tiziana has the exclusive right of use of them.

c) The material contained in the website is protected by copyright law. More accurately, Minella Tiziana has made photographs, video and documentary images or descriptive texts to be included on the website, which must be considered creative works and therefore Minella Tiziana is to be considered «author» pursuant to and for the effects of the law of 22nd April 1941, no. 633, as amended by Decree-Law of 30th December 2008, no. 207, converted into law, with modifications, by the law of conversion 27th February 2009, no. 14 («Law for the Protection of Copyright and Neighbouring Rights»). As an author, Minella Tiziana has the exclusive right of economic exploitation of the work, of reproduction, modification, transcription, adaptation, and the assignment to third parties of the right of use of originals, copies, or supports of works, even by hire or loan.

d) The use of the website is personal and not commercial, except for cases previously authorised in writing by Minella Tiziana.

e) It is, therefore, forbidden to copy, modify, download, upload, transmit, publish or pass on to third parties the contents or trademarks of the website for commercial purposes or for purposes which may prejudice the image and the rights of Minella Tiziana.

f) For personal and professional purposes, and never for commercial purposes, the user can download texts or other contents of the website and publish them by web or press, provided that, in doing so, it is explicitly and clearly mentioned the source.

g) The unauthorised reproduction of the contents of this website on other websites or on other digital and or not digital communication tools may result in a legal action by Minella Tiziana who monitors the Web to check for unauthorised uses of the contents of this website.

Contents and purposes of the website

The website is mainly aimed at the publishing and dissemination of information on data protection legislation in force in Italy and at international level. The website illustrates the services offered by Minella Tiziana and gives the possibility to contact Minella Tiziana to ask for information or to sign up for the newsletter on data protection subject.

Minella Tiziana’s obligations, rights and disclaimer of liability

a) The website may occasionally show links to other websites owned by bodies, organisations, companies: Minella Tiziana cannot be held responsible of their content, availability, products and services offered and any damage or loss occurred as a result of their use. Moreover, Minella Tiziana is not responsible for the purposes and means of data collection and processing carried out by such third parties.

b) Minella Tiziana undertakes to maintain a constant and high level of the services provided through the website but she cannot be held responsible for any damage, data or information loss, or other damage due to delay, incorrect or lack of information, restriction or loss of access, difficulty of any kind, errors, inaccurate or unauthorised access during browsing the website or other way of interaction in the service.

c) Minella Tiziana does not warrant and is not responsible that: (i) the services provided through the website meet the user’s requirements and needs; (ii) the services provided through the website are without interruption, secure and without errors; (iii) information and results obtained using the services are always accurate and reliable; (iv) any technical fault of the software may be corrected.

d) Minella Tiziana disclaims any liability for any damage arising from the inaccessibility to the services provided through the website or any damage caused by viruses, damaged files, errors, omissions, service interruptions, deletion of content, network-related problems, or caused by providers’ services, phone and/or telematic connections, unauthorised access, alteration of data, failure and/or faulty functioning of the user’s electronic device.

e) The user acknowledges that Minella Tiziana is not to be held responsible for untruthful information sent directly by the user (e.g.: correctness of e-mail or personal or not personal data), as well as other information relating to the user and which have been provided by third parties even with fraud.

f) The user acknowledges that Minella Tiziana has the right to collect and store data provided by using the services available on the website, and to communicate them to the competent supervisory authorities, especially if unlawful actions are detected and can result in offence: (i) for justice purposes; (ii) to defend her own rights breached by third parties’ actions; (iii) for the protection of her own or the users’ rights and security.

g) Any breach, even if only assumed, of these conditions of use, or the breach of third parties’ rights or of laws and regulations in force in our legal system shall result in the suspension or interruption of the services.

h) Minella Tiziana reserves, at her own discretion, the right to: (i) modify these terms and conditions. The user can, at any time, read the terms and conditions in force by accessing the link «website terms & conditions»; (ii) interrupt the access to the website at any time and without previous notice.

User’s liability

1) The acquisition of any downloaded or otherwise obtained content through the website, where permitted, is made at the choice and at the risk of the user. Therefore, any liability for any damage to computers and systems or data loss resulting from the download falls on the user and cannot be ascribed to Minella Tiziana.

2) The user accepts to take any risk resulting from the use of any content. 

3) The user is responsible for the storage and safe-keeping of personal data provided when using the website. The user undertakes to promptly inform Minella Tiziana, at the e-mail, of any breach of security of personal data or any breach of security acknowledged. 

Final provisions

1) By accessing this website, the user and Minella Tiziana agree that laws and regulations in force in Italy are applicable.  

2) The user and Minella Tiziana agree to be exclusively subject to Torino (Italy) judiciary for the matters concerning the use of this website.

3) By using this website and services here provided, the user implicitly accepts these terms and conditions.